The reading event on August 17, 2016

The reading event at Audreys Books on August 17, 2016 was a success! Thank you so much for coming to the reading despite the good weather in the middle of August and a big festival going on in town. :)

If you missed the reading, you can still purchase your copy of Somnio: the way we see it at Audreys Books (10702 Jasper Avenue, Edmonton). 

Here are some photos from the event.

 Tiffany explaining about her art.

 Sharmila reading her poems.

 Pushpa joined us from Toronto via Skype.

After the event, the three of us in Edomonton.

(Photo credit goes to Ms. Bercov, who is a dear friend with a big heart and a long-time supporter of local arts here in town. Thank you!)


AUG 17, 2016 A reading event at Audreys Books

We are happy to announce that we will have a reading event at Audreys Books in Edmonton on August 17th.

Artist Tiffany Adair will have her original prints for display, and poets Sharmila Pokharel, Pushpa Raj Acharya, and Yukari Meldrum are going to read their poems. (Pushpa will be joining us via Skype from Toronto.)

If you read Japanese and already have a copy of the book or purchase a book at the event, you will receive a booklet of Japanese versions of the poems by Yukari. (The number of the booklet is limited.)

Please come join us!

Location: Audreys Books (10702 Jasper Avenue, Edmonton, Alberta T5J 3J5)
Time: 7:00 PM - 8:30 PM
Date: Wednesday, August 17th, 2016

An event page on facebook


Somnio on Amazon.com!

We are pleased to announce our online store presence.

Now Somnio: The Way We See It is on the Createspace.com store and Amazon.com.

It is still more economical to purchase your copy by going to one of the places that carry the copies of our book or by contacting us directly if you live in Canada. (Please see "Where to buy your copies".) However, if you are outside of Canada, Createspace.com store and Amazon.com will provide you with a better shipping and handling fees.


A protest in Kathmandu, Nepal, with Somnio: The Way We See It

Our book Somnio: The Way We See It was made public in Kathmandu in a street event by a performance artist, Salil Subedi, who is a close friend of Pushpa Raj Acharya.

A mass protest that has killed some 40 people is going on in the plains of Nepal demanding amendments in the newly promulgated constitution. India has cut off the fuel supply to Nepal in an unofficial blockade.

In response to people's suffering in the plains and hills, Salil went to the streets and performed what he called the 'mob art' and occupied the city spaces reading our poetry.

In Nepal, these photos and his comments have been widely shared in social media. In these photos, you can see him at a downtown crossroads or in front of the parked school buses (the schools are closed because of the fuel shortage and the ongoing festivals).


The launch was wonderful!

Thank you for those of you who could make it to the launch of our book Somnio: The Way We See It on Tuesday, July 28, 2015. It was well attended, and I hope everyone had fun with our poetry reading (including Nepali and Japanese translations of some poems), Tiffany's original lithograph displays, Qs & As panel, and a chance to chat with us. We all had a wonderful time and were so happy to see you there!

Thank you with all our hearts!!

Here are some pictures from the event (except for the last one, photo credit: Marcia Bercov).

Julie Robinson giving an opening remark.
Ellen Kartz, our editor and the facilitator for the night!
Pushpa reading his poem Control
Sharmila reading her poem The Face not in Facebook
Yukari reading her poem One, Two, Three, Four...
Tiffany talking about her art
At the Questions and Answers panel
All the members!